About Me

About Me!

Hi Everyone! My name is Taylor Rich and I am senior here at Mary Washington. I am studying Business Administration and will be graduating next spring. Check out this video about me:


Carnegie Part 1

“Don’t criticize, condemn, or complain.” How and Why? This is important because sometimes it is hard to give feedback to people. We may consider that our feedback might be too critical, but in reality, you should want to let them know how you feel. We want the best for them, but also want to make… Read More Carnegie Part 1


Carnegie Part 2

Reading the second half of this book, began with six different principles of how to be liked. Ultimately, we know how to make people like us, but how can we use these techniques to improve? These techniques can help us establish ourselves as stronger in communication between others. That first conversation you have with someone… Read More Carnegie Part 2


Carnegie Part 3

Part 3 was my favorite. I honestly think this chapter was about me; just kidding! I hate arguments and always seek methods to avoid them. Whatever the case maybe, I hate being wrong and any confrontation. As in the previous part, I should probably take a step back to see if I am right or… Read More Carnegie Part 3


Responses from Carnegie

Response to Alyssa’s Blog: Why do other people do not want to hear our wants? I conclude that people do not want to hear you talk about yourself; rather, they would rather hear something more broad. But, the conversation was about them, they would be completely agreeable! I suppose the conversation really depends on the… Read More Responses from Carnegie

Week 1 and 2

Why- Simon Sinek

While watching this video, I saw that Simon primarily addressed principals of a successful person and professional. It caught my attention as in order to be successful, you must know key tips. First, you typically have to have a leadership role in the work environment. Second, encouraging not discouraging. Third, do your job well. Being… Read More Why- Simon Sinek

Week 1 and 2

Shut Up and Sit Down

This article, What is Leadership?, really struck my attention while reading. Many people think leadership can be different attributes. Leadership is having control, managing, and overall depending on others to make things happen in a timely manner. But what makes a good leader? Having good communication skills, not micromanaging, and having trust in their employees… Read More Shut Up and Sit Down

Week 1 and 2

You Are Not Special

You are not special caused me realize that we really aren’t. We are all unique in so many ways, but that does not mean we are “special.” Of course, you are special to your parents because you are their child. It is a different kind of special, something akin to unique. It is that bond;… Read More You Are Not Special

Week 1 and 2

Empathy as Dark Matter

Reading this article, Empathy as Dark Matter, caused me to reflect on the notion that you do not always know what another individual is experiencing. For example, about a year ago my uncle committed suicide. He had many episodes before the tragedy, and my family did everything they could to help him in his environment;… Read More Empathy as Dark Matter