Carnegie Part 3

Part 3 was my favorite. I honestly think this chapter was about me; just kidding! I hate arguments and always seek methods to avoid them. Whatever the case maybe, I hate being wrong and any confrontation. As in the previous part, I should probably take a step back to see if I am right or wrong, then proceed. I need to learn how to show respect of other opinions. This is not always the right case if you are wrong, but I hate to admit it! People tend to make things over dramatic and overtimes I do not know how to handle that situation. If I listened this would help! Being friendly can help any argument, but does not always work. Depending on the argument it can be helpful. Avoiding an argument does not always solve it. Do not give in if you are right. Having facts to support your argument is key. If you are wrong, ask for ways to improve.

In our generation, perceptions can be off. We often do things through technology whether it is social media or texting. We hate to talk face to face. This is why sometimes arguments may be caused. The way you interpret a message behind a screen can be completely different than actual communication in a face to face environment. I know of one instance in one of my business classes where we had a group message. We were talking about a project that needed to be completed. “Just because you like that idea, not everyone else does, someone replied.” I didn’t really know if it was directed towards me, but I interpreted the situation in that fashion.  If the exchange was face to face, I would not have really felt bad. This is a perfect example that things can become twisted or misunderstood. I actually asked the person face to face if that is what it was intended to mean and it wasn’t. The way you think about something can be the total opposite, just ask for clarification!

  1. How can we approach a situation that you do not want an argument with?
  2. Do we start with something positive followed by the negative?
  3. Why do people always have to be right?

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