Responses from Carnegie

Response to Alyssa’s Blog:

Why do other people do not want to hear our wants? I conclude that people do not want to hear you talk about yourself; rather, they would rather hear something more broad. But, the conversation was about them, they would be completely agreeable! I suppose the conversation really depends on the situation and who you are communicating with. Also, people tend to be self- centered and typically just care about themselves. This situation can be disappointing as you might want to talk about something that you want to excel in. But depending on the response, this could turn out to be something negative. I think this is why our society is somewhat distressed because we care about our life and do not think about others. It should be the other way around, but sometimes our personal wants and needs are in conflict. It could be that people want to listen to our opinions and wants while having a respectful answer. But, life is just not that easy!

Response to Sydney’s Blog:

Why don’t people take the time to really get to know, or show genuine interest in others? Is it easier to just “be an island” and focus on yourself? I honestly think that if you just sit down and talk to someone, it is so much easier to do it in a friendly way. If you are friendly firsthand, it will spark the conversation. If you are perceived as rude, it will be even harder to approach that person next time. As I said above, people are self-centered and only care about themselves. We live in that kind of world though, yes we can change it but how? I honestly think that the media has evolved that. We have so much technology that when you go to a restaurant and see a family sitting there, you see all of them on their phones. They are not in the moment but just probably checking to see who is doing what and why did they post that picture. This is why I think if someone approaches you; you should greet them with a smile and introduce yourself with an interest you want to talk. It can be easier sometimes just to be left alone but that gets boring after a while of pure silence.

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