Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Exercise

“Leaders as Role Models Exercise”

· Communicating Efficiently- My Dad

Even though I do this already I wish sometimes I could answer immediately if I know it is something I could do that day but tend to wait it out. My dad is the perfect example because he has everything he needs to know right on his phone. If I don’t have my planner I wouldn’t know.

· Social Skills- My Mom

I have always been reserved and quiet. My mom is very outgoing and I wish I could be her sometimes. I like to have my quiet time and just relax.

· Networking/ Successful – My Dad or Steve Jobs

My dad is always encouraging me to network everywhere I go. Whether I ask for their LinkedIn profile or email he wants me to keep them in mind for a future job. Steve Jobs was so successful with making a plan to change the technology. I am sure he researched with others to solve his goals.

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