Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Authority, Power, and Persuasion

What is power? Is having a lot of power a bad thing? Power is the ability of one person to influence another person. This can mean that they control people in which they have the final say about certain situations. Yes, sometimes we think power can be a bad thing. With that being said, leaders have to have power in order to get things necessary done. They have to have responsibility in order to get tasks completed.

Bases of Power:

  • Reward Power: they control the pay raises and benefits
  • Coercive Power: punish others not by the leader
  • Legitimate Power: occupy positions with formal authority
  • Expert Power: special knowledge with certain tasks
  • Referent Power: who are friendly, trustworthy, and likable

Types of Persuasion:

  • Rational: the use of logic and facts
  • Consultation: making suggestions and improvements
  • Inspirational: appeals to values and ideals to the request
  • Collaboration: help in performing tasks

Each of these powers and persuasion have an impact on a leader. With reflecting on these powers I can refer back to these as a leader. Having too much or too little power can be good or bad depending on the situation. It all is how you perceive it and how you want a goal done in the end.

  1. Why is it a consistent topic for when a leader wants to take charge people say they have too much “power?”
  2. Why is power sometimes misread?

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