Chapter 14

Chapter 14- Transactional Leadership and Goal Setting

What contains being a leader? One of the major duties of leaders is to set goals both for themselves and for those they lead. Setting goals is one of the most effective ways that leaders have to motivate followers and to direct their attention to the most important work tasks and priorities. Setting goals can be tough but jotting them down on paper can be a total relief.

Set difficult yet attainable goals this is a pointer because sometimes we set goals that are not always a “goal.” We need to think about how we can adapt to make them achievable. Easy goals are ones that you achieve with very little effort. Difficult goals are ones that push you to achieve them and have others help you for guidance. It is SO true that if you show a lack of performance it will also show in your goals too.

I also found it interesting that extraverts set high goals because they want to be that leader and have success.  They want that promotion. They want to achieve that goal. This is all about making the right decision along that path for setting goals for yourself.

  1. How to set goals that are good versus bad?
  2. What makes a good goal?

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