Chapter 4

Chapter 4- Emotional Intelligence

Why do smart people assume a leadership role? Intelligent people are more likely to emerge as leaders than not. This tendency is because they know how to improve their overall performance, while teaching others the same methodology. Leaders want to help others improve their lot; not discourage.

How do leaders use decision making in their day-to-day life? Being a leader usually means being the “boss.” Others can think being a leader is getting the job done right the first time and so on. Leaders have a role. A big role actually. Being a leader comes with developing skills overtime. It is not easy but you have to be willing to make quick decisions. With quick decisions comes making sure they are the right choice. It can be hard to make decisions on the spot but overall if you are thinking too long about it more than likely you will second guess yourself.

Why do good leaders sometimes make bad decisions? It happens. They want the best for their employees and sometimes do not always make the right choice. As well as their emotions have play too. Decision- making is based on data and where the leader wants to see how it can perform with new patterns. Leaders are all about encouragement.

Your emotions and intelligence sometimes goes hand in hand. For example, a smart young teacher might have knowledge but cannot control her emotions when something goes wrong. It can be two ends of the spectrum and leaders have to learn to adapt to their emotions.

1. How does making a wrong choice happen if others support the decision?

2. How is being a leader not come across as being a boss?

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