Chapter 5

Chapter 5- Women and Leadership

Can you learn leader behaviors? I think you can learn leadership characteristics at a young age, and began to use those characteristics to modify your personality. If you are a leader, it normally will show in your school or extracurricular activities. In sum all good leaders are also good followers within a defined organizational structure, unless you are at the top of the organization. Being a leader demonstrates strong characteristics that make you stand out even more. How else may a leader be viewed? It can be seen as a bad view from others because primarily the leader is trying to focus on getting the job done. However, they should be able to pick out how to make the work organized. It is hard to take on a role that others are not as organized as you.

For example, Theory X is how you describe someone as being lazy and irresponsible. Theory Y are motivational individuals that want to make a change. For example, I encountered a girl I work with at the gym texting constantly and not answering the phone if it rang, check in guests, and other job related tasks. It started to really aggravate me because she is much younger. So, I decided I was going to be her “mentor.” I asked her kindly if she could put her phone up because that is not the time or place for personal communications. She gave me a nasty look like I was crazy. She was being lazy and not dependable within her job. She would be considered Theory X where I was considered Theory Y. I take pride in my job because it is getting me through school. Maybe she just doesn’t realize some people actually have to work and not having everything provided. I did not want my manager to get involved because she never really does her job either. The manager is there for the paycheck, does not want conflict, and once it is time for her to go, she is gone. She demonstrates no leadership skills or direction to her own employees. This is why her employees have evolved into the current situation. It should be the opposite with encouraging, demanding, and controlling each of us to make sure we are doing our job.

This all relating back to women in leadership. Some people I have encountered in my journey as a college student that works a job and internship they make comments like “why is she even doing that?” It kind of makes me wonder if they are relating it back to me being a girl. I describe myself as I want to be successful no matter what it takes. People give me mixed vibes when I come across them saying “women can’t do that task” but most certainly we can! It is all how you handle your emotions to make them think that you are not worthy but in reality you are!

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