Chapter 7

Chapter 7- Exercise 1 and 2

Leader- Member Relationships Group:

  • Leader: Junyi – 10
  • Coordinator: Rose -8
  • Coordinator: Cathy -8

Why? I am apart of a team right now and I would definitely say it has been a great experience. We all take our own work and do it accordingly. No one does it all and that is a great thing. I have been in several groups where I have done the whole project which is so unfair!

How? Since, Junyi oversees all of us she is in charge of all the topics that need to be covered. She delegates certain work to the each of us. She is a well established leader and does her job well. We all trust her along with her being friendly it really does make a difference!

Commitment: Good Times, Bad Times

Fun Activities:

  • Beach Trips-6
  • Niagara Falls-6
  • Cruises-6
  • Disney World-6
  • Universal Studios-6
  • Lake Trips-6
  • Hike on Shenandoah- definitely recommend!-6

Helping Others:

  • Volunteer at Food Bank-8
  • Volunteer with KPWB-8
  • Helping friends with troubles-8

How and Why? I definitely would say fun activities is just a way of spending time with them not really making me feel I am committed to anything. Yes, I enjoy the fun moments but ultimately helping others that truly need it is what matters. At the Food Bank there are people that have no food and need food to even eat a meal. They do not know when their next meal is. How is that benefiting me? I feel like a good person once I leave like I made a difference in their life today. It is a truly remarkable feeling to help someone that needs it more than just my friends. I encourage you to find somewhere you enjoy volunteering whether it is a food bank, animal shelter, or environmental it will change your perspective on this thing called LIFE.


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