Chapter 7

Chapter 7 One-On-One Relationships

With being a leader does it change who you are? Do you treat your family, friends, and co-workers the same? Some leaders might have different personalities when they are with different people. This should NOT matter if you are a leader. Why? You should be who you are all the time and not have a “cover up.” Yes, I might tend to be more friendly with others if I know them more. But that should not stop me from being who I am. Sometimes leaders have a close relationship with their coworkers and this can cause issues.

How does your personality and emotions play in a group setting? This can be difficult for me since I am friendly with others but more on the reserved side. Leaders tend to say what is said and I tend to beat around the bush if I do not want to give them that feedback. BUT, after reading Carnegie I should give them that constructive feedback they do not always want to hear!

How does job performance and friendships work? When I am at my work I do not act like I am friends with everyone. One, you do not want your boss to think if I put them together on a research assignment they will just talk. So, if you act neutralize and be friendly it will be better for you.

How come when the leader assigns something it is not everyone? Sometimes leaders do not want certain people in their group so they tell them they are but then they ignore them. Being a leader should not do this. The leaders needs and wants people to cooperate, do their work, and have a good attitude. If you do not have these attributes it can be a major nightmare. How? Just having a good attitude means so much more if something goes wrong the boss would look at as a learning not a mistake. Yes, leaders sometimes are overpowering and delegate necessary work for only them to do. This should not happen. Leaders delegate work not do all the work theirselves!

How is loyalty a play in being a leader? Employees needs a leader to have trust in them. Who would want to work for someone who does not trust them? No one! I earlier mentioned in a previous post how my old boss micromanaged everyone. Now I wonder if she trusted us? She had issues but that does not matter if she was the leader of us. She should not bring her personal life into work life! Having a loyal boss means so much more because the turnover rates are not as high as they would be if you did not have a loyal one.

How do you respect someone who does not respect you? This is tough. Real tough. Respect is a priority for me. If you are rude to me first time more than likely I will not speak again. Just something I look for in someone. A leader should show respect if they want it in return.

Being loyal, trustworthy, and exceptional work ethic will get you far in life. Having one-on-one relationships can be helpful to an extent but on a professional level. You should never get so close to someone because you never know if they are being loyal in return!

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