Chapter 8

Chapter 8- The Importance of Affect and Emotions to Leaders

How does emotions tie in with leadership? Emotions play a huge attribute in leadership. The way you carry yourself shows a lot of how and who you are. If you have a poor attitude that will show in your work. If you are happy it will show that you are loving your job. If you are a leader you should be able to handle your emotions well enough. The biggest part with emotions is bringing personal issues into the work place.

This made me reflect on a past experience at my job. I was recently told my manager wants me to handle all social media accounts for the gym. I was so happy because I asked her if this was in the future plans, what they were considering, and how it would be promoted. This past Thursday I walked in the GM was like have you heard the news? I said no I haven’t? She said we would love for you to join our Social Media Team! She even told me after that she said my emotions truly showed that this is something I love doing. This made her even more excited because I was. It shows you that emotions are in the workplace whether they are positive or negative!

How does affect increase performance? The idea of being positive with your emotions and mood can show how and who you are in your personal and work life. If you are a person that is always down then that can show in your work ethic. But, if you are a person that is uplifting that will show that you are a happy person to come to work. It is all based on how you are and how you perceive things.

How can leaders help with moods and emotions? Leaders are people that you can look up to for advice and recommendations on anything. If you have a  leader is not in the best mood that will reflect on their employees as well as their job performance. If you have a leader that shows neither emotion or mood that can definitely be a good thing! If you have a leader in a positive state then that will make the employees feel of worth and have a good work ethic.

Why is emotions so important in a leader? Leaders have a variety of emotions and this can be shown with first impressions when meeting someone for the first time. Just like stated above, you have to have that balance of work and personal life. You should NOT bring your emotions that is burying you down in the workplace if something is going on at home. This can not only affect yourself but also your overall performance. You want to make that balance and hide other mixed emotions going through your head!

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