Chapter 9

Chapter 9- Self- Leadership and Empowerment

When reading this chapter it struck to my attention that self-leadership is among the lines of how I am. I take little direction from someone to tell me what to do. It made me think of the time when my boss went away for vacation and left me in charge of the store. I took the lead on making sure everything was done before she got back. I even cleaned out the stock room which stayed a complete disaster. I felt like it needed to be done and no one else would do it. So, I did it by myself while the other girl managed the floor. This taught me that I have self-motivation when it comes to a lot of things.

This made me realize how I am as a person mainly. I have goals I want to meet and be successful in general. It just showed me how motivation in a leader means a lot to someone coming from a different perspective. As well as her having trust in me to leave me with a whole store at 20 years old was quite intimidating at first but after all it showed her what I was capable of.

This also showed in my behavior of how I observed myself as well as my boss when she gave me feedback since her previous trip. So, I set a goal as well rewarding myself a coffee from Starbucks. Trust me, working with her was not the easiest. It taught me so much about how I did not want to be a leader like her but learn from her mistakes was the biggest thing.

This made me realize and reflect that I need to work on self- leadership to make sure my goals are set as well as being motivated. Also, making sure I get the goals and reward myself with accomplishments.

  1. How can a leader justify their actions if their boss does not receive critical feedback?
  2. How can you be a leader if no one respects you?

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