Personality Tests

Big Five Results


  • Open-Mindedness-I am curious with others and how they think about certain topics.
  • Conscientiousness- I am very organized when it comes to details in my school work, employment, and family life.
  • Extraversion-I am neither social or reserved. I kind of agree with this it just depends on the situation and how I feel being in the conversation.
  • Agreeableness- I am considerate when it comes to my feelings of others.
  • Negative Emotionally- I am very anxious and worry about EVERYTHING!

How and why? I believe across the spectrum that these personality tests have been very accurate. It caused me reflect on how I am around others especially my family, friends, teachers, coworkers, and boss. I am the same person I am around everyone. I am not someone who I do not want to be. I do not want to be anyone other than myself. I am very curious about others, and I believe that is where my open-mindedness comes from. I am also very reserved on who I meet. If they start the conversation with a positive note, I have no issue responding. But, if it is a negative situation. I tend to become anxious and wonder why they said that remark, or is it because they do not like me?! I am considerate on that aspect because I want my feelings to be heard and not overheard. This is where my concerns become involved. I do not want the other party to think “…she is weird, why did she say that,” and similar considerations. I worry people will not like me, but at my age, I have overcome that fear! I honestly believe that adding time into these tests, and I believe the results truly show who, what, and how I am!

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