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Results: ISTJ (Introverted- Sensing- Thinking- Judging)

I am quiet, unless I really get to know you. I like living a simple life, nothing too crazy. I am pretty traditional, with certain things like decorating. I am very thorough, responsible, and dependable. As well as noted above, I am organized and hardworking to achieve certain goals. I believe any task I am given, I can accomplish to the best of my ability and as well as achieve it.

How and why? I come from a very small, sheltered family that does everything pretty traditional. We attend church on Sundays, go home for the Holidays, and like to be a close knit family. I have always been told I am a quiet person, but once you get to know me, I am very outgoing. I hate confrontation, and want everyone to get along. I am very organized with my school and work. I learn best with applying myself and relying on my teachers to give me the necessary materials. How am I organized? I use a planner to keep everything organized

by the day, week, month, and year. Once I get a syllabus, I write everything in my planner of major key dates to make sure I do not miss anything. I agree this is spot on for me, except the judging aspect.

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