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  • I am energized by being quiet, reflective, and calm. I maintain a distance from the outside world and prefer to conserve their energy rather than expend a lot of effort seeking excitement. I enjoy:
    • Contemplating ideas and experiences
    • Being in calm surroundings
    • Reflecting on thoughts or feelings
    • Quiet and solitude

Intuitive or Sensor

  • Sensor: I process information in a concrete, realistic way. I focus on observing and recalling facts, experiences, and details. I like to focus on:
    • Observing sights, sounds, sensations
    • Noticing details
    • Experiencing the present moment
  • Intuitives: I process information in an abstract, imaginative way.
    • Observing patterns and connections
    • Interpreting meaning
    • Imagining potential


  • I value empathy, cooperation and compassion.
    • Acting out their ideals
    • Engaging their emotions
    • Considering the impact on people


  • I like structure and order.
    • Create a plan and stick to it
    • Go by a schedule
    • Set goals and maintain focus

Personality Type:

  • ISFJ: I am a caretaker and loyal to others. I am compassionate and loyal along with being motivated. I believe this is key for living my life and to be a good person always. I am a committed worker with a deep sense of responsibility to others. I focus on fulfilling duties, particularly when I take care of others. I want others to know that I am reliable and can be trusted.
  • I believe this is how and why I live my life. I want to be my own person and not want someone else wants me to be. Even though I might be quiet and reserved I do have an outgoing side.

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