Prince Chapters 16-19

In these few chapters the book touched on generosity. Although, it is desirable to help others out with a kind heart it can also be very dangerous too.¬†How? This generation primarily just receives and does not give. That is why our society is messed up primarily. We think we always have to receive the newest gadgets, clothes, shoes, and so on. We are caught up in the “materialistic” things and not focusing on the real things. The volunteer service we provided this semester has shown me how to give back. Just the little things to help someone out really made me reflect on reading this book. How things are different from then to now has drastically evolved. We have technology that everyone is glued too. But why is generosity so difficult in this book? Prince needs to raise taxes but it is tough on society. He thinks that generosity is the key and can benefit few but harm others. Prince thinks that he will be hated and no one will respect him. This is where being merciful comes in to make sure his duties are broad. You want a leader in charge to be neutralized and not be all over the place with opinions. This is where breaking a power of someone is truly shown. With that being said, keeping word and oath is a huge priority for having power. You do what you say or it will have issues. It is all based on how people perceive someone with power. Not everyone agrees with everyones opinions but showing carless acts, having trust, and being merciful goes a long way!

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