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Steve Jobs Movie Reflection

I watched this movie having some background knowledge of the legend Steve Jobs. At first I could not tell how this movie was going to go. I had mixed emotions about it because my perception of Steve Jobs was someone who truly impacted us all with the technology world and not having an attitude.

Who is Steve? Steve Jobs was born in California. He was an American entrepreneur and businessman in which this case was the CEO of Apple. This was interesting, Steve was always an intelligent and innovative thinker, but it really showed in his younger years. After his emotions in school with his teachers he graduated from high school then went to college for six months. This was when Steve spent time in the “creative world.” This lead to him being into video games where he met Steve Wozniak. They both created this sense of evolving technology rapidly.

How did it impact the world of “technology”? Jobs and Wozniak made the turn for technology. They want a laptop to be smarter, cheaper, and ultimately not heavy. But, not only did Apple make that happen they had competition with IBM. Apple introduced products such as the Macbook Air, iPod and iPhone, all of which have caused this evolution technology.

How does this relate back to leadership? At the beginning of the movie I felt like Steve was definitely cocky about how he has been successful. But wouldn’t you be too? The movie went on and I reflected on how he has made an impact tremendously. He was a very smart man that was always looking head with prioritizing what needed to be done next. He had power of his partnership with Wozniak. He wanted to take charge and have authority of making rational decisions. He had to make quick decisions on whether or not it will boost the company or remain at standstill. Honestly, he was just such a successful man with an enormous amount of character that reflected his own work. He had trust in himself as well as his other partner in the company. More importantly had to have trust in his employees to get the job done correctly.

Why is Steve such an icon? He showed in his work his loyalty to the company. He was always branching out for new ideas on the next “trend.” He did not necessarily want anyone to be ashamed of their work so he always went the extra mile. He was very knowledgable on how to make things work and did it with no questions asked. That is what a leader is. A leader has character that shows in their work and apply to make it happen with it being achievable. Steve Jobs showed just that and how he applied it to his everyday life.

Jobs inspired others as well as making others aware of how he was a leader. He wanted that first impression from people that he was successful- and he proved that! The neatest thing is that Jobs has evolved our technology so greatly that his charisma and legacy are still here with us. Jobs had a vision with how and why he wanted to be successful. He showed that greatly in his work and only wanted to make our world a better place. Although, he was hard to work with because he was the type of person he was never wrong, which indeed drove people crazy!

  1. Why do people take assumptions of how someone is first hand?
  2. How do you think people perceived Steve once he passed away? Was there guilt?

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