Understanding Your Emotions

Understanding Your Emotions

I like to hide my negative emotions but too an extent. Why is handling your emotions so hard? I hold in anger and stress which are two attributes that make me boil up till I want to burst. Personally, I hold in my stress so others do not hear it but after a while I just start to complain. This is when my mom chimes in and tells me “Taylor, just quit stressing it will all work out.” Honestly, that irritates me even more when she says that because she does not always know what is going on and what I am stressed about. I have learned over the years that taking a step back and looking at the big picture is what matters. Yes, I often call my mom or grandma freaking out because so and so is not doing their job or something on that line. But honestly, everything stresses me out! I am an overachiever and likes things to be done way ahead of time. But I learned that last semester that I do not always get paired with people that get assignments done ahead of time. I learned how to cope and deal with it- was so hard to keep me sane too! But honestly, that will only make me a better leaders. Leaders delegate work and not bash people when they are not doing what they are suppose too. This is when I use the two warnings and then fire them when it is necessary.

I am not a negative person and only tell my intermediate family if something is stressing me out. It really helps me when I write down things that bother me and then reflect on why it is bothering me. Once, I think about it and even get advice I then throw that paper away to not let me think about it anymore! The article actually mentioned this which I though was kind of weird!

How and Why? Apart of me is that I come from a family full of positivity. We do not like to be negative. We like to be uplifting but we all have this “anxiety” in our blood. When I get anxious about something it causes me to stress out. For example, I ride the metro to work and I it was like my third time I got completely lost. My phone did not have any service. I had a major panic attack because I could not get on the metro app. My texts were not going thru. I was getting super hot and just felt like I could pass out. I just had the anxious feeling in my stomach that was boiling up causing me to stress even more. Finally, got my phone to work and called my dad to tell him where I exactly was. He was such a big help. He got me where I needed to be since he is a pro at it apparently 🙂

From my emotions I can be a whirlwind sometimes. It comes and goes. It really happens when I am in school and have a lot of assignments to do along with working. I use a planner that really is super helpful. I like to write tasks in my planner that way I can scratch them off, which is the BEST feeling ever! I would definitely say I need to work on my emotions as a sibling, friend, and even co-worker. No one is perfect but finding a balance to overcome certain emotions is how I am.

Understanding you emotions and being able to cope with it can make the world of a difference with being a leader!

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