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May 25th, 2017

I was honored and asked to volunteer at Keep Prince William Beautiful on May 25, 2017 at their Environmental Leadership Academy (ELA). I spent the whole day at Prince William Forest Park in a cabin with 15 girls. At first, 15 girls I was a little worried because of drama! I walked in not knowing what to expect but overall it was a wonderful experience!

KPWB is a non- profit organization that spends an enormous amount of time with community involvement as well as focusing on increasing the environment to be a better place to live in. They have several programs that they are known for: Adopt-A- Spot, Litter Surveying, and Route 1 Clean Up. They also have a variety of internships: Social Media, Event Planning, and Graphic Design. Check them out: www.kpwb.org!

Last year, Prince William Co received a grant for them to use to educate people with the environment. This is how the ELA was form into an academy. Each of the participants went thru an application process then were selected based on their essays. They are juniors in high school wanting to know more about leadership. It is and will be an extensive program.

I was in charge of making sure everyone was taken care. I ran errands while there was down time in between speakers. The speakers were from all over Virginia which was really neat! We had one from the park and VA Wetlands. It was interesting how they applied their jobs back to leadership. I coordinated and planned the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I had to just make sure everyone was on task. Even though I did not have enough time to speak about what leadership means to me I told them briefly about how I apply it to my everyday life. I encouraged them to find a passion for whatever it might be. I told them internships are a major plus on resumes. Volunteering is a great way to get involved and experience what it is like to work with non- profit organizations. Moral of it non- profits need help majorly.

How did this event interest me? I love helping out organizations with the environment. I love being outdoorsy. I love being with people. I felt like a camp counselor and they were looking up to me as a leader ironically! Why did I do this? They reached out to me last week and I said most definitely! It was a wonderful experience. I most definitely would recommend something for next year is to plan more accordingly and not day of!

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