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June 2, 2017

Food For Life at Fredericksburg Food Bank

I have always wanted to do this event and was bummed when I went to sign up it was full. I re-checked on Wednesday afternoon and saw there was an opening! I was so happy!

This event  Food for Life program is for low-income elderly 60 years of age and older. Food for Life provides a box of nutritious food each month to the vulnerable populations, to supplement their nutritional requirements. There are more than 3,000 seniors in our community who qualify for the program with more than 1,600 currently receiving assistance.

I walked into the Food Bank and did not really knew what to except. I saw a ton of people and was so shocked that many woke up early on a Saturday morning! It was an assembly line where there was two people per station. One putting rice, peanut butter, canned food, and other items where the other person was stocking to make sure nothing was running out. It went by SO quick since this was SO organized. We did 1,600 boxes in two hours. That is 70 boxes per pallet meaning 23 pallets in total!

While we were putting items in the boxes I talked to others about how long this program has been going on for. The leader said nearly twenty years. It blew me away and that this event held first Saturday of each month fills up two months in advance! I could not believe it. It was such an amazing experience where we all came together to help others that truly need it. There was fifty of us to help out. It was organized to the T. Mrs. Julie was in charge of making sure everything ran smoothly. There was a station for people making boxes and an assembly line where most of us were at.

While talking to others, I met a lot of people that commute to D.C. every single day just like me. They asked what I did and I asked them too. This was a great way to network- because it is all about who you know now a days! Everyone I encountered thank me for my time. I stayed a little bit afterwards to help clean up since a rice bag busted everywhere!

I encourage you to find something you love and volunteer. It is an amazing experience that I will continue doing. Service is a wonderful way to give back to your community especially non-profits they need all the extra help!


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