Volunteering Section 3

June 7, 2017

I walked into volunteering today and suddenly got to work. I spent majority of my time in the “Quality Assured Sorting Room.” This room is just sorting food and looking at expiration dates. I was there by myself for a good bit and then a few more people showed up. My task was just to get majority of the boxes unpacked and sorted so the next job could be done. That next task is making sure everything is cleaned. I have volunteered here before so I am a “regular.” I just like being able to go when I want to and leaving when it is time for me to go.

How is sorting food and cleaning being a leader? Like I said, I was there by myself for a good bit today. After a little bit a group of young boys came in goofing off. It just wasn’t the place or time for it. So, I kindly asked them if you want to horseplay just to go outside and when you are finished come back in. They gave me this “look” like why are telling me this? You aren’t the boss? Well, they did not know that the lady in charge was in surgery and they were looking for her. I asked them what can I help you guys with? Do you need help figuring out a task to do? I stepped back and used my Carnegie techniques to let them know that they were being disrespectful. I just smiled telling them don’t do that again please. They probably thought I was rude but I really did not want my “quiet morning” turned into a “wild morning.”

It was interesting to see how they viewed me as. I was trying to be a leader and tell them that they need to find something to do or just go home if you do not want to be here. I came to work and was not going to be interrupted from finishing my tasks. The lady that was in charge today thanked me for telling them that too. She told me that they said they appreciated me for finding them something for the time being. I told them to finish sorting food on the pallet.

It just showed me that being a leader can be tough in certain situations. I am usually reserved and do not like being in “charge.” I just like being able to help out organizations that truly need it. They have trust in me to do my job with someone not looking over my shoulder. I believe a leader has that characteristic. It is all about finding a balance in what you enjoy doing and pursing it.

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