Week 1 and 2

Empathy as Dark Matter

Reading this article, Empathy as Dark Matter, caused me to reflect on the notion that you do not always know what another individual is experiencing. For example, about a year ago my uncle committed suicide. He had many episodes before the tragedy, and my family did everything they could to help him in his environment; but depression is a silent enemy. My parents gave him a job so he could awake each day knowing he could succeed. He bought a house after a period of time with our company. He knew he wanted a life. So, we provided the environment and made that happen. You would never know he was having issues. He was super nice, outgoing, and friendly, while always assuring others were comfortable prior to being seated. He was just that type of person. He didn’t want you to feel bad for him. He often spoke about his childhood which was a disaster. He did not have a father in his family which did cause issues not apparent to everyone. This is the perfect example of not knowing what a person is going through. “Walk a mile in my shoes” is a great expression of how something should be realized prior to a quick summation. Application of the expression could reveal a complete reversal of an apparent calm individual.

Understanding my uncle’s situation caused me to stop and consider why are people so negative? Why do people judge? Why are people so critical? Do people really think they know everything about everyone?

The sum of these experiences causes me to think and wonder how something so little or big in your eyes could be the total opposite for someone else. It just goes to show that life is too short to judge someone right then and there. You should develop a habit of an empathic attitude towards each person encountered to have a better understanding of people.

  1. How can I make an impact on others to not judge?
  2.  How can empathy help in a situation that we have no control over?

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