Week 1 and 2

How Smart Leaders Stay Smart

After reading this article, How Smart Leaders Stay Smart, I realized that there could be two sides to this. First, you don’t have to be smart to be a leader. Second, you don’t have to be a leader to make smart choices. This made me reflect on myself primarily. I discovered “there is a distinct line between smart learners and those who just learn.” Often times they ask you open ended questions, and want you to provide a detailed response of why and how. They typically do not compare themselves with others. They do not like a comparison because they do not want competition with whoever gets the next pay raise. Is it best to keep your mouth shut and sit back? My conclusion is that seldom will that sort of person excel in life or endeavor.

My favorite way is “Smart learners ask for help.” No matter what it situation is, if you ask for help at your job it shows you are trying. You want to ask questions to avoid any mistakes in the future. Do not ask too many because it can be annoying. If you are in doubt just ask. Relatively, people are nice and want you to succeed too. Recently, I can apply this to my internship. I did not know how to access a portal for the organization so I asked. If I did not ask I would have no idea some of the things I do know now. It is better to ask for forgiveness then be in doubt!

  1.  How can you ask for help without feeling discouraged?
  2.  How can you ask smart leaders what makes them feel unique?

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