Week 1 and 2


After reading this article, “For Those That Want to Lead, Read” caused me to consider and reflect on successful people. Steve Jobs is an excellent example. He was the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, and discovered products that have evolved in our use of technology. Initially, he was a student where he developed ideas through reading and study. Later he developed and marketed these products to an evolving and dynamic market that he studied and read about almost continuously. This article caused me to realize why are less than half Americans not reading? Is it because they do not want too? Is it because it is too much work? Is it because they are lazy? Just why?

Reading throughout the article, it struck my attention that I do not like to read, but do so because reading is how we all learn. Would I prefer not reading? Most certainly, but when you read you develop new ideas and thoughts that could be a learning tool. When I was taught in kindergarten how to read, it was not something I enjoyed but had to in order to learn new concepts. The same idea is now, but I have learned to overcome the notion of not liking to read. I actually enjoy simply picking up a book from time to time! I encourage each to pick something you enjoy reading, or and perhaps even better, find a book club!

  1.  Why is this concept of “reading” such a big issue worldwide?
  2.  How can we encourage others to join something that does not interest them?

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