Week 1 and 2

Shut Up and Sit Down

This article, What is Leadership?, really struck my attention while reading. Many people think leadership can be different attributes. Leadership is having control, managing, and overall depending on others to make things happen in a timely manner. But what makes a good leader? Having good communication skills, not micromanaging, and having trust in their employees is what defines someones as a leader.

Although, some people do like authority to be in charge it is not always the right decision. In the article, talking about leadership every “leader” has his or her own style and strategy. Their leadership styles and methods will vary because they are influenced by many things whether it is political leaders, religion, family, or friends. It all boils down to how you are when something comes up. For example, my brother was graduating from college and he was waiting on one final grade to see if he was walking or not at graduation. It was a big crisis for our family because we did not find out till the day we were leaving to travel 12+ hours. It really was a crisis for him because he worked us all up whether he was graduating or not. Of course, it was the class he absolutely had to have a C in for a requirement. It was a Computer Science and he really did not think he made the grade he needed. This is an example of a crisis but he when he emailed thanking his professor for everything he did to earn the grade of a C exactly it proved that he was a leader.

Leadership varies from one another but more importantly you have to establish yourself whether it is professionally or personally. It is all based on how you carry and apply yourself. One simple action you do or achieve can mean the world to someone and they might think you are “worthy” or have leadership skills. Just think about the next time you want a promotion have you exceeded the certain requirements? Have you create a sense of friendliness with other coworkers? Do you do your job well? Have you asked for help? Have you given advice? These are all questions you can ask yourself or someone. You character and passion defines you and ultimately whether you are a leader or not.

  1. How can you be a leader in a sticky situation?
  2. How can you define leadership in three simple words?
  3.  Why is being a leader difficult in our society?

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