Week 1 and 2

Why- Simon Sinek

While watching this video, I saw that Simon primarily addressed principals of a successful person and professional. It caught my attention as in order to be successful, you must know key tips. First, you typically have to have a leadership role in the work environment. Second, encouraging not discouraging. Third, do your job well. Being promoted is an incentive that you want to be successful. These are just a few tips that can help you achieve the person you want to be. As a person, you can be successful while having a family supported, hobbies, and have sufficient income to travel and enjoy life.

Simon proved to me that leaders often ask themselves “Why?” I thought this was interesting because in jobs you have a series of questions that you ask. Why do I have to do this a certain way? Why are there deadlines for this proposal? Why do I have to attend meetings that I do not need to attend? A series of questions that pop in your mind, which you may not enjoy, but personal presence is a key part for anything in this world. This is how you earn that promotion.

You want to prove to people that you are different; not special. You want to be successful. You want to have leadership. You want to be promoted. You want to be supportive. These are all things you can do; just putting your mind in a positive frame and achieving your goals one step at a time is the first part.

  1. How can we establish ourselves to be different?
  2. Interview Question: How and why can you make a difference with your own life whether it is personally or professionally?

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