Week 1 and 2

You Are Not Special

You are not special caused me realize that we really aren’t. We are all unique in so many ways, but that does not mean we are “special.” Of course, you are special to your parents because you are their child. It is a different kind of special, something akin to unique. It is that bond; or more properly stated, love between the parent and child. At least, it is for me. I would not know what to do if I did not have them to look up too. I have awesome parents that have provided more than enough for me.

How does that make me not special? This video primarily related to me the situation when I played sports as a child when each would earn a “trophy” whether or not the champion. The award was generally termed a participation trophy. Just because you participated you were presented a token as a reward. This was impounded that we are “special” but in reality we aren’t. We were presented the token so that no one would be upset because they did not receive an award. After maturity and reflecting on that situation, I concluded the practice as a waste of money as yes there are special people for every situation that are the winners, and those remaining as not special indeed.

Another reason we think we are special is the fact that when we leave the academic environment and enter that “real world” of society and something is thrown at us, we have to learn how to solve it. We can’t rely on our parents to be there to tell us “oh you are special; you deserve that promotion.” In most situations, you are just doing your job and when you succeed, you earn promotions. We rely on so much to make us “feel” special, but in reality, we are just another person walking in this world. Be the change person and prove to people that you are special to the extent that makes you different from others. Figure out what makes you different, and how you can apply that degree of difference to what makes you happy.

  1. How do you cope with people not telling you earn that promotion?
  2.  Why do parents find the need to hand out participation trophies to every player?

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