Week 1 and 2


While reading this article, it made me think about how businesses really do operate. It focus on the how and whys of how to run a successful business. Of course, the start up cost of a business can be challenging for most but after a while it starts to come together. Owning a business is not easy. We must rely on people to buy our product.

But how do you sell it? How do you mark it is it way up or just even to break cost? How do you want to market your brand? There are thousands of options a business owner has to make and whether or not it is the right choice. This can be a challenge.

Zappos explained this very well. They are an online business so customer interaction is not really a big thing for this company. Yes, they are there to answer questions whether it is e-mail, Facebook, or direct message from their website. They do have a different approach from a business standpoint which makes them stand out. If they were like any other business they would have competition even though that is how it operates on an E-Commerce now a days. Everything is online. It is your choice whether or not you help small businesses or large worldwide companies.

The owner of Zappos is very confident and that is how they are different in ways. They are employee driven wanting the best for them. They want them to succeed in every way possible and that is how this particular business runs.

  1. How can a business owner make a rational quick decision for their company?
  2. Why is owning a small business so difficult?

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